Avlon President, Dr. Ali N. Syed

Ali N. Syed

Dr. Ali N. Syed is a master chemist, with a wealth of experience in the formulation of hair care products.  He successfully served as a research chemist for a number of major companies, and has published 28 patents, including 2 pending, and numerous scientific papers, along with 3 book publications.

Dr. Syed founded Avlon Industries, Inc. in 1984. His winning strategy for formulating Avlon brands is to use ingredients that have a positive effect upon hair and skin. With an abiding affinity for chemistry, Dr. Syed personally supervises every project undertaken by Avlon’s Research & Development Center. Equal to his regard for chemistry, is the respect he holds for the professional hairstylist. Always positive towards ideas and opinion of stylists, Dr. Syed considers Avlon to be part of a team with cosmetologists. His on-going goal is to provide the very best products that advanced research and innovative thinking can offer, always with an eye towards continual improvement.

“An innovative chemist must be a dreamer.” says Dr. Syed. “One must persist in dreaming to accomplish that which seems difficult or yet to be done… New Methods… New Techniques… New Formulations! In chemistry, there’s a lot of room for creativity.”

Dr. Syed has written numerous articles on the chemistry of hair and related hair products in leading trade and scientific journals, such as Cosmetic & Toiletries magazine, American Chemical Society Journal, and Shoptalk magazine (for Hairstylists). Since 2012, he has also been serving as an Editor for the scientific journal, TenSides.  Dr. Syed has been a guest speaker at the London College of Hair & Fashion in England and ABC Associacao Brasileira de Cosmetologia (Brazilian Association of Cosmetology) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Syed has also conducted numerous lectures on the chemistry of hair for organizations like Chicago Cosmetology Association and has been a Guest Artist at the Midwest Beauty Show.