Conditioner For Color-Treated Hair

MoisturColor Conditioner For Color-Treated Hair (Step 2) - An intensive high-end conditioning treatment formulated specifically to restore beneficial properties to tinted or color-treated hair.

Size: 32 fl. oz. and Gallon


  • A unique blend of rich conditioning agents moisturize and fortify the hair from deep within the cortex.
  • Cationics and sealants realign and seal cuticles to lock-in color deposition and to minimize color fading.


  • Provides for Exceptional Conditioning Deposition.
  • Contains Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC).
  • Locks-in Color Deposit. Halts Color Fading.
  • Softens, Silkens, Moisturizes
  • Provides Protection from Damaging UV Rays.
  • Returns Hair to the Proper pH Range.
  • Excellent for follow-up maintenance use on both semi permanent or permanent   color-treated hair.

Same formula also available as a KeraCare Retail Product