Exclusive Fiber Strengthening Complex (FSC) Technology

With  fruit extracts and ceramides that work to reinforce the structural integrity of hair while enhancing its visual properties. 

Features built-in color indicator to ensure proper rinsing of relaxer traces

Size: 32 fl. oz. and 1/2 gallon


  • Gently cleanses away oils and residual traces of relaxer from hair.
  • Verifies proper neutralization of hair with a built in color indicator.
  • Helps repair pre-existing damage.
  • Helps re-align and close cuticles
  • Aids in wet combing.



  • Lather turns from pink to white when normalization is complete.
  • Tightens and realigns cuticles to a closed position.
  • Detangles hair for easy wet combing.
  • Helps hair resist styling damage.
  • Infuses hair with a soft, silky texture