Texture Release Releasing Lotion

Texture Release Releasing Lotion

Conditioning formula that goes deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility.

Releasing Lotion penetrates deep into the cortex of hair fibers to create long lasting crosslinks. Rich conditioning agents are heat-activated during blow drying and flat ironing. These conditioning crosslinks keep the hair in an elongated or straightened style for up to 2 months. The hair fibers acquire substantial resistance to humidity. The hair fibers become easy to comb, detangle and style daily.


Size: 16 fl. oz.


  • Heat activated conditioning treatment with Sub-Micron Technology
  • pH  2.00
  • No Formaldehyde or Methylene Glycol
  • Amino Acids and Glycolic Acid rejuvenate hair fibers



  • Elongates the fiber coils and adds shine to hair
  • Hair fibers develop resistance to frizz and humidity
  • Phyto-nutrients provide nourishment to the hair and scalp
  • More conducive to the stylist’s health and salon environment